Seminar transfer pricing and general tax update

In the current tax climate transfer pricing has become an issue of utmost importance for multinational companies. International business requires a good knowledge to ensure proper pricing and documentation of intercompany transactions. This is not only in the best interest of your company, but also of great importance to the tax authorities, in the Netherlands and worldwide. As of 1 January 2016, there are new transfer pricing regulations requiring strict compliance and preparedness.

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An important goal of this seminar is to inform you of this new legislation and the impact on your business. We will also discuss recent developments in the area of Customs Valuations and International Tax Planning. 


Tanya Gartsman – Director Transfer Pricing
What are the effects of the new transfer pricing reporting requirements in the Netherlands? They are now in place for financial years starting 1 January 2016, with reference to the OECD project to combat Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). How should you best apply these new rules to your company? Tanya Gartsman will discuss the impact of the new requirements, will address the importance of transfer pricing for your business and provide examples on transfer pricing planning.

Eline Polak – Partner VAT and Customs
Is your company involved in importing goods into the EU? On 1 May 2016 new rules regarding customs valuation, that may affect your company, were implemented in the Union Customs Code (UCC). Specifically the increased taxation of royalties and license fees and the abolition of the 'First Sale for Export'-option, may lead to higher customs duties and import VAT. Eline Polak will update you on these changes, lead you to a better understanding to determine the impact of this new EU legislation and cover options to mitigate any adverse impact.

Dick van Sprundel – International Tax Partner
What are the recent and future international tax developments that any business should take into consideration? What have been the landmark tax items of last year and what will the near tax future look like? What will be the flavors of the upcoming months and how can your company and you benefit from this update? Dick van Sprundel will discuss how you can best minimize risks, costs and be compliant with the recent international tax developments.