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Bent u internationaal actief? Dan kan de internationale wet- en regelgeving ook impact op uw onderneming hebben. De Mazars Groep publiceert regelmatig over relevante ontwikkelingen op uw vakgebied. Hieronder kunt u de publicaties lezen.

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VAT Alert February 2017

Contributions to this newsletter come from members of the Global Indirect Tax Group, a group of professionals specialized in VAT and customs and international trade issues, based in the Mazars offices around the world.

Beyond the GAAP - December 2016

Following a November issue that was packed with ‘A Closer Look’ features, this month’s Beyond the GAAP is unusual in not containing any at all. However, our monthly crossword will provide a useful reminder of key issues in IFRS over the 2016 reporting period.

Beyond the GAAP - November 2016

The adoption of IFRS 9 by the European Union marks the end of the work carried out by EFRAG under the leadership of Françoise Flores, coincidentally falling at the same time as her appointment as a member of the IASB. This appointment will maintain a French presence on the Board, following the end of Philippe Danjou’s term last October.

Beyond the GAAP - October 2016

Improving the effectiveness of financial reporting is one of the IASB’s key focal areas for the coming years. Four projects fall under the theme of “Better communication”, including the Disclosure Initiative and a research project on the format of primary financial statements.

Beyond the GAAP - September 2016

The IASB’s update to its work plan on 23 September 2016 gives us a good idea of what is on the cards for IFRS over the next few months. In addition to the Insurance Contracts standard, which is scheduled for publication in March, and the Conceptual Framework (date not yet set), the next key milestones relate to research projects.

Beyond the GAAP - July / August 2016

The IASB’s major projects are drawing towards their conclusion. Since 2014, the IASB has published standards on revenue, financial instruments and leases, and it is expected to complete the Insurance Contracts project and the Conceptual Framework by the end of 2017.

European U.S. Tax Desk Newsletter - September 2016

International firms with a competitive advantage have real time access to insightful foreign tax knowledge. The right advisor helps to identify opportunities and to manage risk profiles. Given the far reaching effects of the OECD BEPS project, awareness of legislative and regulatory changes has never been more important.

Beyond the GAAP - June 2016

“You have been living in a bit of a building site for much of the last decade. However, the good news is that the majority of the structural work is now complete. The heating and plumbing systems are now in good shape.” With these words Hans Hoogervorst described his impression of the progress made in recent years at the start of the IFRS Foundation Conference in Zurich.

Beyond the GAAP - May 2016

100th Beyond the GAAP! Since the first edition in November 2006 we accompany you in the world of IFRSs. Throughout these 100 editions of Beyond the GAAP, we helped you follow the developments of Business Combinations phase II, understand the genesis of the consolidation package or the different phases of IFRS 9, the new standard on financial instruments...

Beyond the GAAP - April 2016

The IASB’s publication of amendments to IFRS 15 on 12 April was followed, less than a month later, by the FASB’s publication of slightly different amendments to Topic 606.