Beyond the GAAP - November 2018

Ahead of the preparation of financial statements at 31 December 2018, Beyond the GAAP summarises the standards applicable to the current year and revisits the information published by European entities on the introduction of IFRS 16 at 30 June 2018 - information which must be significantly expanded in December 2018.

The European institutions also published some important texts in November. For its part, the IASB seems prepared to reopen discussions on aspects of IFRS 17 – Insurance contracts under certain conditions, and these discussions are likely to lead to postponement of its effective date. A year’s postponement has been agreed in principle by the IASB.

A closer look

  • Standars and interpretations applicable at 31 December 2018
  • IFRS 16: Financial reporting still limited at 30 June 2018 

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Joeri Galas and Ron Horsmans

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Beyond the GAAP - November 2018.pdf
Beyond the GAAP - November 2018.pdf