Beyond the GAAP - June 2021

At the end of June, Hans Hoogervorst, Chair of the International Accounting Standards Board, has stepped down after a 10-year tenure. Andreas Barckow, who has previously served on several IFRS Foundation advisory bodies, has taken over for a first mandate as head of the IASB as of 1 July.

Over the past 10 years, the IASB has published several important standards: IFRS 15 on revenue recognition and IFRS 9 on financial instruments in 2014, IFRS 16 on leases in 2016 and IFRS 17 on insurance contracts in 2017. Though this last standard is not yet effective, it has already been modified and it is expected to be further amended to facilitate the transition as presented in this issue.

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Dingeman Manschot and Inge van Sloun


Beyond the GAAP june 2021